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Standard Equipment

  • Show quality two-stage paint finishes.

  • Hand laminated fiberglass body with reinforcing inserts.

  • Heavy duty TIG welded ladder frame chassis with crumple zones.

  • Fully independent front and rear suspension.

  • Limited slip differential.

  • Willwood® power-assisted vented disc brakes (4-pot calipers.Front, Single-pot calipers back)

  • Custom crafted coil-over shocks.

  • Aluminum pin drive “Halibrand” style wheels (Knock – off) with 15" tires.

  • Side and rear view mirrors.

  • Original style pedals, catches and fittings.

  • Original style shifter and hand brake lever.

  • Carpeted interior and trunk.

  • Aluminum finished firewall.

  • Sun Visors and wind wings.

  • Wipers & Washer, heater/defogger.

  • Leather seating surfaces (drivers adjusts.)

  • Original style latch-lock seat belts.

  • Monza style filler. (locking gas cap)

  • Aluminum, single core hi-performance radiator, shroud and dual fans.

  • Stainless steel fuel tank. 17 gal. (Pressure tested.)

  • Full Roadster Bumpers

  • 14" Leather Steering Wheel

  • Hood Scoop Delete

  • Glove Box Included

  • Ashtray Included

  • Std. Speedometer

  • Under Carriage Exhaust

  • Roll Bar Delete


  • Tonneau cover

  • Soft top and side screens

  • Hard top

  • Glove box

  • Ceramic exhaust coatings

  • Wheel & tire packages

  • Bumper packages

  • Leather steering wheel

  • Clear bra

  • Interior packages

  • Stripe packages

  • Ashtray

  • Adjustable passenger Seat

  • Custom Head-Rest Seats

  • Right Hand Drive Option



Hand laid fiberglass panels with steel tube reinforcements in all openings. Where the body points carry loads thay are reinforce with steel bars or panels. Body bonded to chassis and is completely non-stressed. Supplied painted in base coat and clear coat urethane finish. Body in aluminum optionally available.


Hand made seats upholstered in German specification automotive leather.

Fully carpeted floor, center console, sides and rear firewall.

Slide adjusters for driver's seat.


Only Cobra Reproduction licensed through Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc.  

Superformance forum (SCOF) & Superformance registry where sales are recorded to preserve value of car.


Hand laminated fiberglass body with reinforcing inserts.  Aesthetically and dimensionally correct body painted with two stage show quality paint finish.

Silver ceramic coated headers and side exhaust pipes.

Stainless steel roll bar which is mounted to the chassis.

Original style indicator lenses and head lights.

Original style steel quick jacks.

Original style hand crafted windshield frame chrome over brass & windshield wipers.

15" aluminum wheels, spinners and radial tires.


Wheelbase: 90"  

Length: 152"  

Height (Top of screen): 48"  

Width (Overall): 69"  

Track Front: 54"  

Track Rear: 57"  

Fuel Tank: 17 gal.  

Front Wheels: 15" × 8J  

Rear Wheels: 15" × 10J  

Tires-Front 255/60 R15  

Tires-Rear 275/60 R15  

ZF Limited slip differential. Ratio 3:45:1  

Empty Weight: 1,840 lbs.  

351 Motor 2,485 lbs.  

427 Motor 2,590 lbs.  

460 Motor 2,660 lbs.


Rack and pinion. Original style steering wheel.


The front sports a fully independent unequal length A-arms with adjustable coils over telescopic shock absorbers, while the rear is also independent unequal length A-arms, with fabricated hub carriers and coil over shock absorbers.


Fabricated steel plate pedal box assembly with adjustable pedal pads. Incorporates brake booster and master cylinder assembly with hydraulic clutch actuation.



Heavy duty TIG welded ladder frame chassis with crumple zones  

Fully independent front and rear suspension with limited slip rear differential.  

Jig-Welded parallel ladder frame of heavy wall 2" x 4" rectangular steel tubing with large diameter outriggers.  

Door hinge, steering column and windshield pickup-points incorporated onto main chassis.


Installation kits are available for Ford 302, 351, 460 and 427/428 cubic inch engines with Tremec 5-speed or Ford top loader 4-speed transmissions. ZF Limited slip differential. Ratio 3:45:1 as standard equipment.


Aluminum finished firewall which dissipates engine heat.  

Monza style filler with Locking gas cap.  

17 gallon pressure tested stainless steel fuel tank.


Moto- Lita wood steering wheel original design. Leather Seating Surfaces with adjustable Driver’s seat. Carpeted interior and trunk. Original style Smith gauges and Lucas switches with Reverse 180mph speedometer. Original style pedals, catches, fittings, shifter and hand brake lever. Sun Visors, Side fitted wind wings with driver’s side and rear view mirrors. Heater/defogger. Original style latch and lock seat belts. Hand made seats upholstered in German specification automotive leather. Slide adjusters for driver's seat.    


Original style instruments specially manufactured by Smiths of England, fitted to original S/C and Roadster lay-outs. Hand crafted shifter and handbrake.


Superformance MK III: Side-mounted exhausts to original specifications. Superformance Roadster: Custom made muffler and tailpipes with stainless extensions.


Superformance MKIII bodies are available in fourteen standard colors with or without striping. Striping can be any of the standard colors and is painted as the first coat color on the body creating a smooth finish. Stripes are an added option. Custom paint is also available.


Superformance MK III: Side-mounted exhausts to original specifications.

Superformance Roadster: Custom made muffler and tailpipes with stainless extensions.


Latest technology single row high performance aluminum core radiator with 2 thermostatically-controlled electric fans; original specification oil cooler; hand fabricated stainless steel engine louvers; heater unit with 2 speed fan; original style wiper assembly with 2 speeds and 140 degree wiper arc; hand fabricated windshield assembly to original specification, chrome plated.

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This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Harry Williams

Client Review

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Robert Harris

Client Review

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Bob Spencer

It is very rare that I would take the time to write a review, but in this case I am compelled overwhelmingly to share my experience of purchasing my Superformance FIA Cobra.


After decades of contemplating building a replica Cobra, I decided to instead purchase a Superformance Cobra. The main reason is, I felt that to obtain the high quality fit and finish of the Superformance, I would be spending very close to the same dollars to get the same quality and I would have to do the work of assembling the car, wiring, sourcing parts and building the engine.


As luck would have it, there were several NEW Superformance FIA Cobras on the market in the fall of 2020. After contacting several dealers, I booked a trip to South Carolina with my 12 year old son to visit Downforce Motorsports. Probably the main reason, I decided on Downforce was because the Owner, Dan Long, had questioned me on the purpose for the car. Ie was it going to a street car or what? My answer to Dan was the car will be MOSTLY track and some street. Dan then reviewed with me the options he felt were appropriate for a track car vs a street car AND WHY. The knowledge Dan communicated to me on the differences between a street car vs track car made my decision to work the Dan easy. He gets it. He understands, there are big differences.


While meeting with Dan and his wife Anna in South Carolina, it was clear my son and I were dealing with truly wonderful, knowledgeable people. During that meeting in Dec 2020 we bought the car, and that was just the start of the continued customer service. Dan had arranged for me to meet with Prestige Motors for the engine build and Olthoff Racing for engine install and suspension set up. By April of 2021, I was testing the car at Virginia International Raceway with my son cheering me on. After spending a few months getting used to the power/weight ratio, we changed the alignment for aggressive track use. I have competed in 3 events that included autocross and roadcoarses in 2022 and have won my class at each event. Dan Long has kept in touch during my Cobra adventures and is always helpful when I need advice or resources.


If anyone is interested in purchasing a Cobra, Daytona Coupe, or GT40, I would highly recommend contacting Downforce Motorsports about Superformance.


Vinny Giglio

I've been dealing with Dan for the past 2+ years.  I immediately fell in love with his passion for Superformance cars and cars in general, and his ability to think outside of the box with his builds.  I've purchased 6 cars from Dan to date, both used and new and have 3 more cars on order.  I love having a conversation with Dan and the excitement about the future build and I can always rely on him to have great input on color combos, what engine to use, etc.  He actually listens to what I'm trying to accomplish with a build, somehow completely understands and feels that vision alongside me, and then makes suggestions that I would have never thought of that end up making the car something I could have only dreamed of.  Its the small details that matter, and the ownership experience of the Superformance brand is nothing short of amazing, and Dan truly helps bring the experience to the next level!  I currently own a Grigio Silverstone GT40 Mki and a 1st gen Daytona Coupe in Guardsman Blue and White, and also have a Cobra MkiiiR, a GT40 mkii and Daytona Coupe on order.  I'm very thankful for Dan and his knowledge and have enjoyed becoming friends over the years as well! 

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