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About Downforce Motorsports

Downforce is a veteran owned and operated Superformance Dealer & Shelby American dealer with locations in Wisconsin and South Carolina.  Founded in 2019 by Navy veteran Dan Long, Downforce Motorsports is the largest independent dealership of Superformance vehicles in the US including both new and pre-owned GT40s, Cobras, Shelby Daytonas, and Corvette Grandsports. Additional to their large inventory on-hand, Downforce Motorsports is also leading the way with innovative replica race liveries such as the Ken Miles 1966 designed GT40. Downforce is also proud to offer not only traditional/period-correct engine packages well as utilizing more modern crate engines such as the Ford Performance Aluminator 52XS. Downforce Motorsports team invite you to stop in to one of their locations and learn more about how they can help you Accelerate Your Life.

About Superformance

Superformance LLC is a distributor for complete, "Rolling Chassis" replica and continuation race cars of the 1960's. Superformance has distributed specially constructed cars in the United States since 1994.

As one of the first players in the industry, Superformance has over 20 independent dealerships throughout the world. We have earned our reputation with our attention to detail, quality, craftsmanship, fit, finish and customer service.

Superformance LLC has a long standing relationship and build contract with Hi-Tech Automotive who is the world's largest specialty car production facility. Together Superformance and Hi-Tech have produced and distributed more than 4000 rolling chassis worldwide.

The Superformance rolling chassis is the most sought after continuation car in the United States and is recognized in the industry as the leader in 1960's racing legends reproduction cars. All Superformance rolling chassis are factory built and assembled utilizing all "NEW" parts.

Meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout and is noted in the body fitment, paint and the smallest aspect of our chassis. Superformance products are aesthetically and dimensionally correct and are engineered in the image of the classic sports car of yester year.

Factory Built, not a kit

Hi-Tech Automotive the manufacturer of the Superformance rolling chassis is dedicated and committed to quality and detail making Superformance products the most sought after component rollers in demanding U.S. market. The Hi-Tech facility is over 400,000 square foot and has more than 600 highly trained skilled craftsmen making it one of the largest specialized auto manufacturing plants in the world.

FAQs (Questions and Answers)

Q: WHAT IS A SUPERFORMANCE ROLLING CHASSIS? A: All Superformance chassis are supplied as completed factory manufactured rollers less engine and transmission or transaxle ( GT40). They come in a variety of standard colors ready to accept the engine of your choice.

Q: HOW COMPLETE IS A SUPERFORMANCE ROLLER? A: Imagine a complete car – take out the engine and transmission (transaxle) and that is our replica. They are completely assembled and painted at our factory by experts that have produced over 3000 MKIII’s plus our other product lines. This insures consistent quality you can count on. In addition on the MKIII we provide oil cooler, mirrors, wind wings, visors, heater/demister, rollbar – install kit, exhaust and headers. These items add thousands of dollars. Competitors charge extra for these options so that they can advertise at a lower price.

Q: WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE OF A COMPLETED FACTORY MANUFACTURED WORKS ROLLER OVER THE KIT SUPPLIERS? A: The Superformance replicas are the result of attention to detail and engineering. Almost all manufacture and design is done in house at Superformance except where some parts are better designed by specialists, Superformance partners with Dana, Bilstein, Wilwood and others for design input and specific NEW components. No used parts are fitted to the car. From the ground up most components are designed specifically for the Superformance rolling chassis. This consistent approach to manufacturing and attention to detail results in proven world-class performance with fit and finish second to none. We offer a complete TKM (Turn Key Minus) component rolling chassis we are Not a Kit, this affords the customer amazing resale value, continuity of build and consistency in Build. Licensing Agreements with original manufacturers adds credibility and value. The Coupe is licensed by Carroll Shelby and is SAAC registry eligible adding to its re sale value. The GT40 is licensed by SAFIR GT40 Spares LLC as a continuation GT40 and is registry eligible. The MKIII is built under license from Carroll Shelby and is the only reproduction of this kind which is built under this license.

Q: DO SUPERFORMANCE REPLICAS COME PAINTED? A: Yes. The SUPERFORMANCE paint finishes are show quality. Superformance has a variety of Standard colors, however if you cannot find a standard color to suit your needs Superformance offers the versatility of a custom paint color.

Q: WHAT SUSPENSION DO YOU USE? A: All Superformance chassis have frames and suspensions designed specifically for each model. Please see Specifications. The Superformance Coupe chassis have their own fully independent front and rear suspension with unequal length upper and lower control arms. Coil over shocks & springs as well as front and rear sway bars specifically designed for Superformance are standard equipment. The geometrics of the suspension are designed for the specific Superformance model resulting in precise and stable handling. Superformance borrows no components from other rolling chassiss to achieve this perfection. The Superformance MKIII chassis has a fully independent suspension with unequal length a arms and lower control arms. Double wish bone front suspension. Custom coil over shocks & springs as well as front and rear custom sway bars. The GT40 true to the original has independent suspension with unequal A arms, coil springs, tube shocks and anti roll bar front and rear.

Q: WHAT ENGINES CAN I USE? A: The Superformance MK III is built to accommodate the following engine package options. FORD - 302, 351 Windsor series which can be stroked, 460, 427FE or the Mustang Modular motor. The Superformance Coupe is designed to accommodate a Ford 351 Windsor engine. The GT40 MKI version is built to accommodate a choice of small block motors Ford 302 or 351 Windsor. The GT40 MKII version will accommodate a Ford Windsor 351 or the big block 427FE motor.

Q: I'M A LARGER PERSON. CAN I FIT IN THE SUPERFORMANCE CAR? A: Yes, the foot box space in the Superformance MK III is dropped 2.5" on the drivers side. It is very deep and accommodating to the tall. Also, seat placement can be set for the individual. The Superformance Coupe is engineered with a cockpit foot area extending well under the dash board allowing ample leg room. The Coupe is spacious and can accommodate drivers up to 6’4” tall. The seat is adjustable. The GT40 seat has been modified allowing extra room for the driver a gurney bubble may be ordered offering additional head room. A removable steering wheel allows the driver easier access to the cockpit area. The pedal box has different mounting spots affording flexibility in the amount of leg room for the driver, as was the original.

Q: DOES IT COME WITH WHEELS AND TIRES? A: No, wheels and tires a dealer installed option. When you custom order a SUPERFORMANCE car from Downforce Motorsports we help you select the perfect wheel for your needs. Whether that is a period correct 15" Halibrand style wheel or a set of our exclusive Forgeline 18" or 19" options.

Q: DOES THE MKIII VERSION HAVE A TOP AVAILABLE? A: Yes. The Superformance MKIII has an available soft top as well as side curtains and splitting tonneau cover. There is a matching hardtop available from the factory as an option as well.

Q: HOW DO I REGISTER MY SUPERFORMANCE CHASSIS? A: Each state in the USA has different requirements and regulations with regards to the registration of your specially constructed vehicle. We highly recommend that you verify all requirements with your local DMV office. Downforce Motorsports can help guide you through the process to register your chassis.

Q: WHAT MAKES SUPERFORMANCE THE BEST? A: Superformance prides itself on the quality of its design and manufacturing processes, and the excellence of its of high performance products. All quality control is to international ISO standards and must meet stringent in-house inspection processes. It is this dedication to consistency that sets us apart from the competition. The Manufacturing Plant, is the largest and best equipped in the industry, employing over 500 people. Facilities include an air conditioned composite shop, state of the art paint shop, and a fabrication shop that includes 14 CNC machines, presses up to 1300 tonne and a full range of metal working equipment and skills. All trim and wiring looms are also done on site, as is the final assembly. We even have our own chrome plant on site. No one does more “in house” work than us. In fact the plant is one of the most self sufficient automotive manufacturing facilities in the world. Our factory also contracts to build low volume specialist rolling chassiss for other clients as well.

Q: HOW CAN I SEE A CAR IN PERSON? A: Not only can you see the car, but you can experience it too. Downforce Motorsports has both rolling chassis and complete cars in stock, you can also see them on track at an OPTIMA Batteries Ultimate Street Car event.

Get In Touch

South East

849 US-1, Lugoff, SC 29078


(803) 900-0500


8621 US-51, Minocqua, WI 54548



Aug 2019

South Carolina office opens.

Oct 2020

Two Custom GT40s Mk's Debut at the Crown Rally South.

Dec 2020

Pioneered the First Aluminator GT 40

May 2021

Drove a Bespoke GT 40 MK2 Over 2000 Mile on the Corsa America Rally.

Feb 2021

Received the First Ken Miles 66 Daytona GT 40 (P2415) by Superformance

Sept 2021

Our Ken Miles GT 40 is Signed by Ken's Son Peter Miles.

Nov 2022

The debut of the First Mario Andretti 1996 LeMans GT 40 at SEMA.

Aug 2022

The Second Showroom of Downforce Motorsports Opened in Minocqua WI. Making us the First Privately Owned Superformance Dealer With 2 Locations

Downforce Motorsports History 

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